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  5. Motorola brings Android 2.1 to Milestone

Motorola brings Android 2.1 to Milestone

Motorola brings Android 2.1 to Milestone

Users of the popular Milestone smartphone from Motorola can now take advantage of the delights of Android 2.1 after an update was released.

The Milestone has already received Android 2.1 in several other international markets and the roll out has been gradually picking up speed with the UK now included in the list of lucky nations.

Android 2.1 was first an exclusive feature of the Google Nexus One, but since then, smartphones from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC have come to the market complete with the latest version of the popular platform on board.

With Android 2.1 installed, the Motorola Milestone's lifespan could be significantly extended and the news that a sequel to this mobile is in development may no longer be a source of frustration for current Milestone users.

You will need to download the updated firmware from the official Motorola website and then transfer it over to your Milestone, which means that an over-the-air update is out of the question.

However, it is free to download and install, which means you can get access to many new features and refresh your phone without being left out of pocket.

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