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Nokia C3 exclusive to Vodafone

Nokia C3 exclusive to Vodafone

Pay as you go customers looking for a new phone might be interested to learn that the new [Nokia C3](/mobiles/deals/nokia_c3/ "Nokia C3" will now only be available on Vodafone contract-free.

The C3 is significant for sporting a full QWERTY keypad in the style of a scaled-down BlackBerry and it will use the entry level Symbian S40 platform, which still offers apps and other advanced functions to the user.

Social networking is set to be an integral part of the C3's appeal, as instant messaging and native support for sites such as Facebook should attract potential purchasers.

Pink and grey versions of the C3 will be arriving on Vodafone in the near future, although precise pricing has not yet been made public.

Vodafone has confirmed that any new pay as you go customer who visits a retail store to buy their phone will get £50 of credit loaded free of charge, although it is important to note that this is divided up into inclusive minutes and texts up to the value.

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