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  5. Nokia expands car entertainment project

Nokia expands car entertainment project

Nokia expands car entertainment project

Nokia is expanding its Terminal Mode in-car entertainment (ICE) system project to include a range of firms from different industries, with initial partner Alpine being joined by Harman and others.

The ICE market is set to be dominated by Nokia's proprietary platform, with planned integration of future smartphone technology for total user control.

In March, Nokia announced its plans to act as a standardiser in the ICE market and the inclusion of ICE specialist Harman will ensure that the project has still greater capabilities within the field.

Cars sporting the Terminal Mode equipment will come with touchscreen displays and speaker systems that can be easily tethered to a mobile phone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

The hardware within the smartphone will do all the hard work, while the display and speakers built into the car will handle the output, which means that the cost of manufacturing the vehicle will not be increased.

Services such as Nokia's Ovi Maps navigation app will be viewable on a far larger in-car screen and multitasking mobiles will let you make and receive calls whilst playing back media files or entertaining the kids with a cartoon in the back.

Nokia may or may not open up the Terminal Mode platform to rival mobile manufacturers, but this is a concept that has the potential to be a big deal in the future, according to Engadget.

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