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Nokia reshuffles leadership

Nokia reshuffles leadership

Nokia has again made alterations to the team that manages its business just seven months after an earlier internal reshuffle.

Criticism has been levelled at Nokia for its slow reaction to the changing smartphone market, which has of late become the dominion of Apple and Research in Motion (RIM).

The company's newly-formed taskforce to improve the fortumes of Nokia's smartphone portfolio will be headed-up by veteran Nokia employee and sales executive Anssi Vanjoki.

Meanwhile, Mary McDowell is replacing a retiring Rick Simonson as head of general mobile phone production.

News of the personnel changes resulted in 2.6 per cent being wiped from the value of shares in Nokia.

"It is really surprising how often Nokia is reorganising management, as is the frequency and investors should be worried about the pace," said industry analyst Jari Honko.

Experts believe that Nokia has to overcome several significant obstacles if it is to compete against its rivals in the future and this is said to be reflected in the urgency of this latest reshuffle.

It has been nearly four years since Nokia released the N95; the phone which is widely regarded to be its most popular and best received smartphone in recent times.

Since then, the arrival of the Apple iPhone has made its subsequent efforts look outdated and subpar in the eyes of many smartphone fans.

2009 was a poor year for Nokia, with revenues down 19 per cent and the estimated value of its brand falling by 58 per cent.

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