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Ovi Maps running on Nokia N8

Ovi Maps running on Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 will be getting an updated version of the Ovi Maps free navigation app, it has been revealed.

See the updated Ovi Maps in action on the N8 below

Nokia has made Ovi Maps "faster, better and more personal," according to its official Ovi Blog. The manufacturer was also keen to emphasise the fact that points of interest provided by some of the world's top travel firms have also been added.

The new version of Ovi Maps can triangulate the user's position far more rapidly than previous versions and Nokia has included the ability to make use of local Wi-Fi networks to further speed up this process.

Version 3.04 of Ovi Maps is compatible with Nokia's recently launched Ovi Voice service, which is essentially a program that lets users record themselves giving turn by turn directions and then allows them to use their own voice whilst on a journey.

At the moment the N97, X6 and 6710 Navigator are the only smartphones supported by the updated Ovi Maps app, but the E Series and the 5800 Xpress Music should be amongst the first to get their own versions of the app in the near future. Presumably the Nokia N8 will come with the app preinstalled when it is launched.

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