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  5. Ovi Maps to integrate user voices

Ovi Maps to integrate user voices

Ovi Maps to integrate user voices

A new version of Ovi Maps will give Nokia users the option to record themselves giving out instructions which can then be integrated into a standard journey.

As an alternative to the standard voice pack, which directs you with an unknown voice, you could sit and listen to yourself or one of your mates tell you where to go and which lane to use on your mobile phone.

You will need to download the Own Voice app and then follow a little over 50 individual instructions to record yourself reading out various useful navigation-related phrases and instructions.

The audio files are automatically uploaded to a dedicated website where they will be accessed whenever your phone is guiding you to your chosen destination.

Nokia is giving users the option to choose from a selection of pre-recorded user sound packs, so if you cannot find the time to make your own version you can still have a change from the standard navigation instructions.

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