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Nokia Ovi Store growth continues

Nokia Ovi Store growth continues

Nokia's app download service, the Ovi Store, is seeing its average usage figures rise steadily, with over 1.7 million units of mobile content flying from its digital shelves each day.

Nokia's mobile phone user base is vast and its position as the world's largest manufacturer unquestioned, so it is perhaps no surprise that recent official figures show that it has 83 million active users across its various mobile services around the world.

10 million copies of the Ovi Maps app have now been downloaded since Nokia updated it with free turn-by-turn navigation earlier in the year and this almost-unique selling point has helped Nokia to consolidate its position in the smartphone market.

The Ovi Store is not as well stocked or as easy to use as the iPhone's App Store, but it is worth bearing in mind that Nokia is required to cater to a wide variety of mobile phones which have varying technical capabilities.

On the other hand, Apple has a single, unified platform for which app developers can fashion their software and this makes it much easier to create consistent content.

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