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  5. Samsung Bada development kit launched

Samsung Bada development kit launched

Samsung Bada development kit launched

A software development kit (SDK) has been released to allow developers the world over to start building apps and content for Samsung's Bada smartphone operating system.

The kit is currently in pre-release beta form, but nonetheless gives a good indication as to the capabilities of the Bada platform and should allow professionals to assess its app-creating potential.

Anyone who is interested in looking at the inner workings of Bada will need to create an account on the Samsung Bada Developers site, after which access is free of charge.

Included in the SDK are detailed tutorials and explanatory material, which will help unlock the secrets of Bada and should result in some decent apps in the future, as well as also a plethora of relevant design tools.

Most developers will be keen to hear about the percentage of the app-generated revenue that will be coming their way, but sadly Samsung has still kept its plans a secret.

A figure of about 70 per cent is predicted by observers, as this is a model that Samsung has used in the past.

Samsung's debut Bada phone, the Wave, can be pre-ordered now from Top 10 Mobile Phones.

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