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  5. Spotify comes to Nokia smartphones

Spotify comes to Nokia smartphones

Spotify comes to Nokia smartphones

Nokia's extensive range of Symbian S60-based smartphones are getting access to Spotify via an Ovi Store download, which will provide free music streaming.

Reports suggest that the Nokia X6 and the 5800 XpressMusic have still not got their own compatible version of the Spotify app, which will irritate some music fans, but other Nokia mobiles such as the E72 are ready to support the service.

At the moment, the main barrier for total Spotify support across all high end Nokia smartphones appears to be the integration of touch controls, as plain old physical keypad mobiles are able to offer music streaming, whilst the touchscreen X6 and 5800 are left out in the cold.

This inconsistency is believed to be a temporary hitch and Spotify is apparently planning to launch an update that will add support for these key music smartphones.

You can either download the Spotify for Symbian app from the official Spotify mobile site, or you can head to the Ovi Store for a direct download and automatic installation.

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