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  5. Trio of new HTC smartphones incoming?

Trio of new HTC smartphones incoming?

Trio of new HTC smartphones incoming?

Insider speculation is suggesting that HTC is developing three new smartphones, with names including the LDC, Vision and Glacier being bandied about online.

HTC has a reputation for assigning slightly unusual and invariably immodest names for its smartphones, with the Legend and Desire being two recent examples, so it is unsurprising that such typically exuberant names might be in the pipeline for future releases.

The names for these new mobile phones were gleaned from an insider smartphone hardware bidding database and the HTC Vision was even accompanied by clues suggesting that it will become part of T-Mobile's line-up, although little other information was confirmed.

These details would be taken with a greater pinch of salt were it not for the fact that the source supplying them was the same one that divulged the details on the HTC Incredible and Legend way before they were officially announced.

As a result, it is entirely possible that HTC is actually considering naming one of its smartphones after enormous, slow moving rivers of ice. Perhaps a future release will have a volcanic twist.

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