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Wacky BlackBerry 9760 reappears

Wacky BlackBerry 9760 reappears

The clamshell design of the BlackBerry 9670 smartphone was greeted with disdain by some observers earlier in the year. Now, further images showing the phone hint at its impending launch.

The latest leaked images of the BlackBerry 9670 show that as well as retaining the unusual flip style, manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has decided to use the latest version of the BlackBerry operating system (OS), which will be welcomed by fans.

The new photos of the 9670 were leaked to Thecellguru by an anonymous source close to RIM and there are still concerns that this could be a slightly unsightly addition to the otherwise stylish BlackBerry range.

In the UK, the flip phone has largely gone out of fashion as most people now opt for touchscreen handsets, or hybrid smartphones that feature a tactile interface along with a slide-out QWERTY keypad.

As a result, some have claimed that RIM will be targeting the 9670 at the US market, but until an official announcement is made, fans will have to rely on speculation and rumour.

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