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Xperia X10 software update scheduled

Xperia X10 software update scheduled

An updated version of Android will be landing on the Xperia X10 smartphone before 2010 is out, according to manufacturer Sony Ericsson.

Owners of the recently launched Xperia X10 can rely on an official promise to bring Android 2.1 to the powerful smartphone by the fourth quarter, which is sadly rather later than had been originally predicted.

Sony Ericsson is not just overhauling the basic operating system, as it will be implementing software in the update that allows the Xperia X10 to capture video in 720p HD, which brings it in line with the Vivaz.

The Xperia X10 was heavily promoted for its Timescape and Mediascape social networking and multimedia services and these will also be given a fresh set of functions as part of the update.

"I would also like to emphasise that there will be an additional smaller software update, already in the next couple of weeks aiming to enhance the usability and performance of Xperia X10. In the next post, I will share more details and precise timings for when this update will be released," commented Sony Ericsson's Sumit Malhotra.

The faltering update schedule for the Xperia X10 could dissuade some from making a purchase, since Android 2.2 will already have been available for months by the time 2.1 comes to this flagship smartphone.

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