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Android 2.2 hits iPhone

Android 2.2 hits iPhone

Previous Android-to-iPhone software ports have proved that Apple's smartphone can run Google's operating system (OS) and now version 2.2 of the software has been given a similar treatment.

Check out the hacked iPhone in the video below

The hacked OS is running on the two year old iPhone 3G model, which is slightly surprising given that the newer 3G S has a more powerful processor and would have seemed the more likely candidate.

Given the technical limitations of the phone and the forced hardware compatibility, the port is not as perfect as you might hope.

The start-up time is three minutes and even when Android 2.2 is up and running users are unable to get online using the iPhone's Wi-Fi connection or listen to any music as the audio drivers are not loaded.

The iPhone 3G's processor has to work its socks off in order to keep Android 2.2 running and so the battery drains quickly and it makes the iPhone a little too hot to handle after a few minutes of use.

However, as a pet project it is certainly a novelty and an achievement and no doubt work on similarly strange ports will continue in the future.

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