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  5. Android hackers hit with HTC lawsuit

Android hackers hit with HTC lawsuit

Android hackers hit with HTC lawsuit

HTC is set to tackle hackers responsible for unofficial updates to Android for its smartphones by taking its complaints before a court of law.

Android hacking site Shipped-ROMs, which acts as a hub for people who do not want to wait for HTC to build an official update, is being asked to cease and desist in a formal, written complaint from HTC.

HTC claims that the update Android ROMs, which have been cobbled together by its users, must be deleted in order to limit any damage to the intellectual property owned by the firm.

A significant number of hackers have devoted their energies to the Shipped-ROMs site.

Historically, they have outpaced HTC with speedy Android updates for unsupported smartphones, such as version 2.1 of the platform for the HTC Hero, which sat in limbo for months whilst HTC continually delayed its own update.

Lead hacker Coinflipper has said that although the site will endeavour to soldier on, it seems that closure will be inevitable to avoid further legal action from HTC.

Although Android is an open source platform, HTC is concerned that its own Sense interface is being defaced and misused, which is the source of its concerns.

Hopefully the manufacturer will get the message and implement a quicker turnaround for official Android updates, otherwise hackers will continue to find a way to share updates online even if one site is killed off.

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