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  5. Eclair in 50 per cent of Android smartphones

Eclair in 50 per cent of Android smartphones

Eclair in 50 per cent of Android smartphones

The latest figures show that Android 2.1 is currently the most popular version of the Google smartphone operating system, and is currently running on 50 per cent of Android mobiles.

In previous months, Android 2.1 had peaked at 37.2 per cent and these figures represent a significant gain for the platform and perhaps a sign that Android is gradually becoming more unified.

Android 1.6 was found to be on exactly 25 per cent of Google's mobiles, whilst the ageing Android 1.5 still holds onto 24.6 per cent. A miniscule proportion of Android-based handsets are running either version 2.0 or 2.0.1, although these numbers are so small as to be almost irrelevant.

Google's methods for calculating these figures have been criticised for being less than scientific, as it simply worked out which versions of Android had been present on the phones visiting the Android Market over a period of two weeks.

However, it seems to be the only tool that Google has at its disposal for identifying this information.

The impending arrival of Android 2.2 should affect the market share of the other versions once again, particularly since the Google Nexus One will be getting this update across the board.

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