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  5. Farmville and Guitar Hero coming to iPhone 4

Farmville and Guitar Hero coming to iPhone 4

Farmville and Guitar Hero coming to iPhone 4

The developers behind social networking phenomenon Farmville and fret shredding party game Guitar Hero have officially confirmed that iPhone 4 versions of their franchises are on the way.

Observers have pointed out that Farmville relies on Flash for its Facebook iteration, but since Apple is no longer supporting Adobe's platform in any way, shape or form, it will have to be rebuilt for the App Store.

With 80 million active players, Farmville is a popular title, although it divides opinions amongst hardcore gamers. Developer Zynga sent chief executive Mark Pincus to join Steve Jobs during the iPhone 4's unveiling in order to showcase Farmville on the iPhone, so it is clearly considered to be a high profile launch by Apple.

Mr Pincus said that the functionality of the iPhone version of Farmville would mirror that of the Flash-based edition.

The iPhone version of Guitar Hero is set to sell for less than £3 and it will be the first official iPhone version of the game after many imitators such as Tap Tap Revenge have attempted to benefit from its success on home consoles.

Guitar Hero will have social networking integration on the iPhone, with players able to publish their scores on Facebook. Songs from Queen and Rise Against will form part of its track line up.

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