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HTC Aria pictures leaked

HTC Aria pictures leaked

Images of a forthcoming Android smartphone from LG have leaked online, as the South Korean mobile manufacturer looks to emulate the success of the massively popular HTC Desire.

The Aria will use version 2.1 of the Android platform and it comes with the almost obligatory Sense interface added on top to further improve the experience. HTC has also added a five megapixel camera on the rear, according to Android Guys.

HTC is planning on making the Aria one of the smallest Android-based mobiles that it has ever created and observers have said that the screen could be as little as 2.5 inches across the diagonal, although a 2.8-inch screen is more likely.

The Aria will be charged and will exchange data via micro USB, whilst there is a 3.5mm headphone socket located somewhere around the edge to provide music and video playback in privacy.

Many have become excited by the prospect of the HTC Wildfire, which offers scaled-down Android 2.1 thrills. However, the Aria could come in at an even lower price point but with the same software, showing that HTC is trying to penetrate every conceivable niche of the smartphone market.

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