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HTC posts strong profits

HTC posts strong profits

HTC's revenue growth is continuing unabated, with sales in May helping it to further improve on previous successful periods.

In May 2010 it took in over £400 million, which is close to a 50 per cent increase on its income during the same period in 2009. Since January it has taken nearly £1.6 billion, which represents a total increase of over 34 per cent for the year so far.

As with most mobile manufacturers, the impact of the global recession had made 2009 a less than exciting year for HTC in revenue terms, but its 2010 performance has shown that there is a real turnaround occurring in the smartphone market.

HTC is not just riding the wave of smartphone popularity. With mobiles such as the Desire and Legend, it has been able to gain popularity and success in its own right.

HTC is selling its smartphones to an increasingly broad demographic and at both the high and low ends of the smartphone market.

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