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iPhone 4: 3 tariff deals unveiled

iPhone 4: 3 tariff deals unveiled

3 iPhone 4 deals have been officially unveiled, including a range of attractive offers in keeping with the carrier’s status as a low-cost network.

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Although the carrier is not officially taking orders for the handset, it has published its price points and monthly contract charges on its web presence.

No indication is given when sales will start, but they are apparently “coming soon”. However, 3 has disclosed that all contracts entitle takers to a 1GB data limit per month, putting its mobile internet allowances in line with Vodafone.

The carrier has not revealed contract lengths, but the cheapest monthly tariff for the 16GB edition of the handset looks to be £30 per month with a one-off charge of £99. This includes 500 any network minutes, 5000 texts and 5,000 3-to-3 minutes.

The 32GB edition of the phone also starts at £30 per month, with subscribers liable for an upfront charge of £189 for the handset. Calls and data allowances are identical to the £30 per month 16GB deal.

Smartphone fans who want the phone for free can sign up for a £45 per month contract. This gets them the 16GB iteration, plus 2,000 anytime network minutes, 5000 texts and 5,000 3-to-3 minutes.

Alongside the iPhone 4, 3 has also begun offering the iPhone 3G S for the first time.

Available to buy now, 3’s iPhone 3G S monthly tariffs start at £25 per month for the 8GB and 16GB editions. A one-off charge of £129 applies for either handset.

Both versions of the last-gen iPhone are free provided customers sign up for contracts at £40 per per month or above. 3 will not, however, begin offering its 'free handset' iPhone 3G S deals until July 1st.

3's last-minute entry into the iPhone 4 market leaves T-Mobile as the sole company among the confirmed UK carriers yet to unveil its price points. It is thought likely that the network’s offering will be unchanged from that of Orange, with whom T-Mobile merged last year.

The iPhone 4 officially went on sale today, prompting first-day queues at Apple outlets across the UK and a surge of traffic to online retailers.

Touted as the slimmest-ever smartphone, the handset is just 9.3mm thick. Standout functions include HD video recording, video calling via a secondary camera and a super high-density Retina Display.

The high-end smartphone also features a radical new design with a glass back, a powerful 1GHz processor which combines with the latest iteration of Apple’s operating system for super-fast multi-tasking and a five megapixel camera.

Users will also be able to use the handset as an eBook thanks to the built-in iBook app and, as with all Apple iPhones, can choose from hundreds of thousands of apps to download from the App Store.

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