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iPhone 4: a buyer's guide

iPhone 4: a buyer's guide

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Who's offering what?

The iPhone 4 is set to be available on a range of UK networks. These include: Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3 and T-Mobile. At the time of writing, only T-Mobile had yet to officially unveil their tariffs and handset price points.

Vodafone, Orange and O2 are offering a selection of 18 and 24-month contracts and a range of monthly tariffs – each of which offers a mix of minutes, text messages and data allowance.

3 has unveiled its tariffs and price points, but hasn't yet started taking orders. For a full breakdown of what the carrier is offering, check out our news coverage of 3 iPhone 4 pricing.

The iPhone 4 is on offer for free with selected tariffs from Vodafone, Orange, 3 and O2. Other contract options feature a one-off charge for the handset.

What happened to pre-orders?

Overwhelming demand for the iPhone 4 has lead to a stock shortage. Consequently, although some UK carriers have accepted pre-orders, customers may not receive the phone on the day of release.

However, if you place an order now you can guarantee that you’ll be first in line to get the phone when more stock becomes available. The sooner you place your order, the faster you'll get your new handset.

What about data?

Vodafone’s mobile internet usage limit is the most generous, with all contract customers benefiting from 1GB per month.

O2’s cheaper monthly deals offer 500MB. Higher priced contracts variously provide 750MB and 1GB.

Orange has imposed 750MB limits. These apply across all contracts, irrespective of price and length.

All 3 iPhone 4 contracts feature a 1GB per month limit.

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Existing customers only?

The industry-wide stock shortage has lead O2 to announce that it will initially give priority to its existing broadband and mobile phone customers who want to buy the iPhone 4.

No restrictions are being imposed by Vodafone and Orange. This means all customers have an equal chance of getting one. Buying direct from Apple

SIM free iPhone 4s are available to buy from Apple. Buyers can then choose a microSIM-only plan from O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile or 3.

However, buying direct in this way doesn’t mean that you won’t be affected by supply shortages. Apple has announced that demand is so high that it will not be sending out the phone until July 14th.

What makes the iPhone 4 so special?

At just 9.3mm thick, the iPhone 4 is the slimmest smartphone ever. But despite its record-breaking sleek dimensions, it’s packed with industry-leading features.

These include a five megapixel camera and HD video recording to add a sheen of real professionalism to your mini movies. Buyers can then enjoy their clips on the super high-density Retina Display, which sets new standards for mobile phone screens.

The latest iteration of the handset improves on earlier editions with a powerful 1Ghz processor to allow owners to use multiple apps simultaneously and a gyroscope for an enhanced touchscreen mobile gaming experience.

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We’ll be updating this page as and when more news becomes available. So be sure to check back for the most comprehensive overview to iPhone 4 tariffs around.

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