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iPhone 4: RAM increase welcomed

iPhone 4: RAM increase welcomed

The twofold increase of RAM in the new iPhone 4, up to 512MB from the 256MB of the 3G S, is seen as a sensible choice by industry experts, as it will allow for a fast, smooth smartphone experience.

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The news of the RAM increase was rumoured and then confirmed last week and it is believed that the iPhone 4 will use this added memory to make its multitasking capabilities work seamlessly.

Mobile hardware expert Arron Vronko said: "This is really about allowing [iOS 4's] limited multitasking to actually have a robust performance. With only 256MB, the iPhone would waste a lot of time and battery power managing memory [during multitasking].

"This definitely helps and will let you keep more apps in the background without affecting battery life."

By increasing the RAM, Apple increases the number of applications that can be in operation at the same time.

For example, users will be able to run the Skype app in the background while listening to music and then receive and answer a VoIP call using this service without having to sacrifice playback.

The iPhone 3G S has 256MB of RAM, whilst the iPhone 3G, which launched two years ago, has just 128MB.

This means that although both smartphones will be getting the new iOS 4 platform, only the newer 3G S will be able to handle some of the multitasking features, with 256MB of RAM believed to be a minimum requirement for this.

The iPhone 4 will have plenty of memory to play with, according to Mr Vronko, who believes the full capacity will not be utilised until later in the smartphone's lifecycle, with additional features being added by Apple in the next 12 to 24 months.

"Apple can better manage the memory it has in the iPhone with its centralized memory management than can Android phones," said Vronko, alluding to the fact that most high end Android mobiles also have 512MB of RAM and multitasking capabilities.

Originally it was believed that the iPhone 4 would only have 256MB of RAM, with the first leaked mobile being analysed by a tech site and its examiners concluding that 512MB was out of the question.

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