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iPhone 4: Virgin Media to join the party?

iPhone 4: Virgin Media to join the party?

After a flurry of networks announcing plans for the new iPhone this week it now looks like Virgin Media might be the sixth operator on board. The company revealed they were in "talks" with Apple about carrying the new smartphone this week.

With the announcement of the fourth iPhone there has been a clear change in Apple's strategy towards networks. When the first iPhone launched the California tech giant partnered with just one provider in each country, notably AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK. By the time the iPhone 3GS rolled around Apple had cautiously invited a couple more players into the game with Orange and then Vodafone in February this year. However the floodgates opened with the iPhone 4 and there are now five networks in the UK alone that will sell the device.

Launched in 1999 as Virgin Mobile, Virgin Media was the UK's first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), piggybacking off T-Mobile's network infrastructure. Originally conceived as a no frills pay-as-you-go service it has grown significantly with a young customer demographic.

While the iPhone remains a premium product, it seems that increased competition from Android is pushing Apple to make the device available through every possible channel, with 'value' brands getting a slice of the pie.

Virgin Media customers - are you waiting for the iPhone on your network? Let us know in the comments below.

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