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  5. iPhone 4 vs Top10 team - our take on Apple's latest smartie

iPhone 4 vs Top10 team - our take on Apple's latest smartie

iPhone 4 vs Top10 team - our take on Apple's latest smartie

Tom: “I think it looks awesome. It's unfussy and techy, but it's all going to be about the screen. You can make it bubbly & colourful by adding their bumper case. Shame there weren't more surprises in the keynote though.”

Luigi: “I like the slim dimensions the most. And I’m impressed with the battery life and tougher build quality. I think it’s too shiny, though. I've had enough of shiny gadgets.”

Marie-Louise: “It is a bit ‘boy’, but in a cool I-might-be-a-spy kind of way. The shiny-backed current one is a scratch-magnet, so I reckon this will look nicer for longer.”

Kimberly: “I agree. It looks a bit manly/clunky.”

Julia: “Yeah, I agree too. I don't like the way they've squared-off the rounded back from the 3GS. Plus, it doesn't look quite as shiny, which is a big deciding factor in my phone purchases.

Harry: “The specs are awesome, but I think they’re going to put off a lot of non-geeks with the design.

“It’s got a very hard/masculine/technical feel to it which is unusual for Apple, and seems to have lost any of the friendliness that differentiated it from the competition.“

iphone 4 front on side on

Lewis: “My retinas are excited about the retina display (also known as a screen).

“Shame they didn't have any surprises up their sleeves, though. It’s pretty much exactly as predicted.”

Thomas: “Wouldn't have minded some more storage space - maybe 32gb and 64gb models, instead of 16GB and 32GB. But overall I'm pretty happy with what it’s got.”

Robert: “The leak pretty much killed any anticipation, methinks. The form factor, two cameras & higher-res display were all known beforehand.

“I think the only original thing we learnt was iPhone OS being renamed iOS4. Still going to get one, though.”

Dan: "What no Wimax? Glad they finally cracked the multi-tasking though. Only took them several decades longer than Microsoft."

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