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  5. Motorola ES400 business phone launched

Motorola ES400 business phone launched

Motorola ES400 business phone launched

Motorola has recently announced the new ES400 business-centred smartphone, bringing with it a range of features that will cater to the needs of busy enterprise users.

Motorola believes that the current batch of consumer smartphones are not a particularly good fit to the working patterns of many people. As a result, it hopes that the ES400 will slip into this niche in the market.

The ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant will be able to multitask and run apps, but it is designed to be focused around a busy work day rather than for fun and games.

"The ES400 offers workers the chance to be more efficient by promoting the use of applications to the front screen. It can take signatures with a pen on a return-resistive screen and is rugged and lightweight," said Motorola's Andy McBain.

Its extended battery life and rugged design were also emphasised in Mr McBain's explanation, together with the ES400's ability to allow closer monitoring of network and app use by management.

Motorola says that you can squeeze six hours of talk time from the ES400, coupled with a decent 250 hours on standby. It can also harness local Wi-Fi network to allow push-to-talk functions over a short distance between multiple parties, essentially turning it into a walkie-talkie with all the bells and whistles.

The company has planned a six year lifespan for the ES400, with updates and developments ongoing for three years, followed by three more years of dedicated support, which it hopes will appeal to firms looking for a good value investment.

Motorola is hoping to partner with the likes of O2, Vodafone and Orange, predicting sales of two million in the first year on the market.

Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is on board the ES400, which means it already supports plenty of mobile apps and software, making it a great business tool.

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