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  5. Motorola wins patent battle with RIM

Motorola wins patent battle with RIM

Motorola wins patent battle with RIM

Motorola has won its court battle against Canadian BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM),

The case revolved around allegations from RIM that Moto had infringed a number of key smartphone patents, incorporating this technology in its phones without paying compensation.

RIM has now paid Motorola an unknown sum in order to put an end to the legal wrangling which involved certain technologies relating to the wireless capabilities of its smartphones.

RIM will continue to pay royalties to Motorola in the future for further implementation of the patented technology although thus far neither firm has been willing to get into the specifics of the deal that has been agreed.

RIM had originally bought a licence to use Motorola's patented technology, although upon its expiration back in 2007 a new deal was never reached and thus a whole host of legal cases flared up as a result.

"It behoves them to come to terms and settle. The reality of the market is that eventually they will be stepping on each other's toes," said analyst Ashok Kumar.

RIM has had to pay off rivals after infrigement disputes in the past and is still fighting Kodak over digital camera patents.

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