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  5. New Nokia C Series phones showcased

New Nokia C Series phones showcased

New Nokia C Series phones showcased

Nokia is to swell its fast-growing Cseries of affordable smartphones with two new additions in the shape of the new Nokia C1 and C2.

What makes the variants of the C1 and C2 special is their ability to house two SIM cards simultaneously, although this feature will be reserved for the C1-00 and C2-00 editions of the handsets.

This means that owners can have two phone numbers operating from a single mobile at the same time.

The C2-00 will have a readily accessible SIM slot that allows users to switch SIM cards even when the phone is switched on, which means they could have two or more SIMs and quickly switch between them.

Given the low cost but convenient dual SIM capabilities of the new C series mobiles, it is clear that Nokia is hoping to sell them predominantly to the emerging mobile markets in Asia, Africa and South America.

Both phones broke cover at an event in Kenya and the impressive battery life of the C1 is said to be capable of running the phone for up to six weeks in a row. It will have a flashlight and an integrated FM radio, which will definitely be useful for those living with limited access to electricity.

Nokia launched its own Bicycle Charger Kit in tandem with the C1 and C2. This useful gadget allows people to power up your mobile whilst they pedal to work.

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