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Nokia banks on NFC technology

Nokia banks on NFC technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is going to be integrated into every Nokia smartphone manufactured next year, according to the Finnish firm's Anssi Vanjoki.

NFC provides mobiles with a small internal chip that can interact with compatible terminals in retail outlets and other public places, ostensibly allowing the user to load it up with virtual cash and then spend it just by swiping their phones near to a receiver.

Mr Vanjoki did not explain the specifics of Nokia's plans for NFC, but it seems that the firm is looking to future-proof its next releases in order to make them compatible with the NFC technology which it expects to become more widely used from 2011.

NFC is also able to act as a remote control for home entertainment devices and Bluetooth peripherals, although the uptake of this type of function is by no means certain.

Nokia is hoping that the network providers will back its NFC technology, partly because it is a key investor in the original technology and would make significant gains if it becomes a global success.

However, it seems that NFC is not seen as a worthy investment by the providers and some are suggesting that it would only become viable if trend setters such as Apple started producing iPhones that feature the technology.

Without network backing, Nokia might struggle to find a market for NFC technology, although this has clearly not deterred the firm from gearing up its 2011 smartphone range with NFC capabilities.

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