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  5. Nokia joined by Sony in Foxconn enquiry

Nokia joined by Sony in Foxconn enquiry

Nokia joined by Sony in Foxconn enquiry

Sony and Nokia have expressed concern over worker deaths at smartphone chip manufacturer Foxxcon, amid claims that excessive workloads are causing worrying levels of stress in employees.

"In response to recent reports, Sony has begun taking steps to re-evaluate the working environment at Foxconn," said Sony via a press release.

"We are concerned and take this very seriously. Given the concerning reports regarding Foxconn, we are in continuous contact with Foxconn to ensure any issues are identified and addressed as soon as possible," said a Nokia spokesperson last week.

The firms are just the latest to join a growing line of Foxconn's concerned customers, together with high profile clients such as Apple. The iPhone is put together in Foxconn's Chinese factories, making it a key supplier in the mobile phone world.

Foxconn has been the target of allegations that its workers are made to labour in poor conditions and that they must meet unrealistic targets.

Enquiries into its practices have been met with hostility in the past, but with the level of global attention following the apparently self-inflicted deaths of several young workers over a short period, it will be difficult for the firm to avoid scrutiny.

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