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Nokia N8 is Symbian's last hurrah

Nokia N8 is Symbian's last hurrah

The appearance of the new Symbian 3 platform on Nokia's upcoming N8 smartphone will be the last time that a Symbian device joins the N Series, with MeeGo supersedes it as the range's software of choice.

After the N8, all Symbian smartphones from the Finnish mobile manufacturing giant will slot into the lower end of the market, with the most expensive models sporting MeeGo, the Finnish manufacturer has revealed.

"Going forward, N-series devices will be based on MeeGo," said a no-nonsense Nokia spokesperson in an interview with Reuters.

Nokia has been hinting at this plan since November 2009, when it was working with the Maemo platform on the tablet-like N900 whilst sticking to Symbian for most other mobile phones.

Maemo has since merged with Intel's Moblin to become MeeGo and while Symbian 3 is making its debut on an N Series mobile, it will be the only time it does so.

Observers have criticised Nokia for this move, as it could seriously affect the N8's popularity with people potentially seeing it as a pointless investment which will look weak compared to the MeeGo devices which will launch shortly after its arrival.

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