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Nokia updates N900 software

Nokia updates N900 software

App developers will be able to get their hands on the first official version of the MeeGo operating system (OS) for the Nokia N900 with a variety of netbook computers also supported in the release.

MeeGo version 1.0 is designed to ease the development of mobile apps for future smartphones based on the platform and Nokia says that there is already a new update for this fledgling OS pencilled in for some point in October of this year.

In the next update it is planning to implement touchscreen controls and support for GPS functions, which could allow it to be used on standalone sat navs in addition to smartphones such as the N900.

Any netbook which uses the Intel Atom processor family will be compatible with the MeeGo release and an updated software development kit (SDK) has also been made available in tandem with this launch.

The N900 is currently based on the Maemo operating system, but after partnering with Intel, Nokia decided to work with it on the MeeGo platform in order to create further opportunities in the smartphone market.

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