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O2 iPhone 4 handset prices unveiled

O2 iPhone 4 handset prices unveiled

O2 has released its handset prices for the iPhone 4, to go with the monthly tariffs for new and upgrading customers that were unveiled earlier this week.

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The 16GB edition of Apple’s latest smartphone costs £279 on the cheapest monthly tariff of £35 per month over a 24-month contract. A one-off outlay of £209 is required on the lowest cost 18-month deal, which works out at £30 per month.

Those who crave the 32GB edition are liable for a minimum charge of £323 and £299 respectively on O2’s cheapest 24-month and 18-month cheapest contracts.

Apple’s latest smartphone is available for free only with O2’s £60 per month deal for the 16GB version and £65 for its 32GB big brother.

O2’s tariffs are broadly in line with Orange’s. But, what may sway potential buyers is that the latter is offering unlimited data – in fact, limited to 750MB. O2, which previously offered unfettered data, scrapped it from its plans this week.

Data allowances are regarded by as a deal breaker for many iPhone users because of the perception that a generous limit to make the most of all the handset has to offer.

However, for a limited period O2 will allow iPhone buyers unlimited data use – within the limits of the carrier’s excessive usage policy. In order to qualify, they must sign up before October 1st.

After this point, takers can add optional monthly bolt-ons. These are priced £5 per month for an additional 500Mb per month and £10 for an extra 1GB.

How much data is necessary is something of a moot point. A study conducted by Apple news repository MacFormat found that 81 per cent of iPhone owners get through less than 500Mb per month. In fact, the majority of the 1,000 poll participants only used 221MB every month.

Rival carriers Vodafone, 3 and T-Mobile are all expected to reveal their iPhone pricing in the next few days, ahead of its official release on June 24th.

The fourth iteration of the iPhone differs from its predecessor the 3G S with the addition of a powerful A4 1GHz processor which combines with the new version of Apple’s operating system for super fast multi-tasking, as well as video calling, HD video recording and a five megapixel camera.

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