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Samsung Wave 2 landing August?

Samsung Wave 2 landing August?

The Samsung Wave 2, which will run on Samsung's own Bada operating system, looks set to land in the UK at some point in August.

The Wave 2 was only unveiled last week and the Wave 2 Pro, which is essentially the same smartphone with a full QWERTY keypad added to attract enterprise clients, is also being rumoured as becoming available in the next couple of months.

Both phones variant were initially thought to be coming to the Russian and Asian markets before anywhere else, leaving European users out in the cold.

However, Samsung's Justin Hong has confirmed that a UK launch is definitely in the works, perhaps falling into August if all goes to plan, according to TechRadar.

When the Wave 2 arrives apparently "depends on operators," but Samsung is committed to lowering the cost of its Bada-based smartphones in order to appeal to a mainstream audience.

Paul Wilkens of Samsung said: "One of the great things about the Bada platform is it's so configurable.

"We can apply it to the high end Wave, or to the [cheaper] Wave 2 Pro; we can apply it to 2 CPU and 1 CPU devices - other platforms cannot drill down to so many types of phones."

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