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Top 10 iPhone 4 alternatives

Top 10 iPhone 4 alternatives

In a matter of hours, the iPhone 4 will officially go on sale. And with 600,000 already pre-ordered, you can expect it to burst through the two million sales mark within days. But if you’re already tired of Apple’s latest and greatest smartie and fancy something different, what options have you got? Here’s our breakdown of the top 10 iPhone 4 alternatives.

1 HTC Desire

htc desire large

Super-specced, with a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, stunning 3.7-inch screen and Android 2.1, this is every inch an iPhone 4 battler. Although it’s only been around a few months, deals for the HTC Desire are seriously good value and you get the stonking HTC Sense social networking skin too. That kind of aggregation just doesn’t exist on iOS 4.


2 Google Nexus One

nexus one large

Finally available on Vodafone after an ill-fated experiment of trying to sell it directly, Google’s Nexus One is the vanilla version of the HTC Desire, with a trackball and basic Android software. The latter is easier to upgrade than skinned Android editions though and the Nexus One is already packing Android 2.2, iOS 4’s nearest rival in the mobile operating system space.


3 HTC Legend

htc legend large

HTC’s small but gorgeous Legend is the nearest design rival to the iPhone 4. It’s arguably cooler, thanks to an aluminium unibody frame that had Apple spitting feathers on its arrival. A slower processor than the Desire, but HTC Sense and a smaller footprint make this well worth a second look for iPhone haters and Android lovers.


4 Motorola Milestone XT720

motorola milestone xt720

Coming in the next few weeks, this vanilla Android phone takes the ace Motorola Milestone and strips it of its shonky physical keyboard. What you’re left with is a real winner, with a 3.7-inch multitouch panel and Android 2.1, which will soon be getting a bump to FroYo. Already doing swift business Stateside as the Motoroi, this is a leftfield but clever choice.


5 Nokia N8

Nokia N8

Official, but still some months away (it doesn’t come out until August 24th), the Nokia N8 is the first phone to use the rejigged Symbian 3 OS. The design is by some distance Nokia’s best-ever, with the promise of proper video editing to rival the iPhone 4’s iMovie app, as well as an AMOLED screen and HD video recording. Dolby Digital Plus makes this a package worth hanging on for.


6 Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy s

A huge 4-inch, super AMOLED screen which goes right up against the iPhone 4’s Retina Display makes the Galaxy S a more than worthy contender. HD video recording, Android 2.1 and even hi-def playback mean that this can easily see off the iPhone 4 in key areas. Plus it should come in a lot cheaper than Apple’s all-new cell.


7 Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

sony ericsson xperia x8

Recently announced and sitting between the huge X10 and tad-too-small X10 Mini, the Xperia X8 has a three-inch screen and the rather slick UX UI, with Timescape and Mediascape. That sits over Android, although with version 1.6 onboard it’s well behind the pack. An update is expected soon after release, meaning this smaller number could be a great alternative.


8 iPhone 3GS

iphone large new

Honestly. It’s still a great phone, costs significantly less than the iPhone 4 and is getting the same iOS 4 update. OK, there’s no swanky screen or iMovie, not to mention FaceTime, but the OS means this is a phone that’s worth looking at if you want an affordable way into the world of Apple. Plus the App Store bests Android Market at every turn, with great games and smart, zeitgeisty extras.


9 BlackBerry Bold 9700

Blackberry Bold 9700

A choice that's a little outside-the-box, but don’t forget the new BlackBerry 6.0 software is on its way, and with it a much more intuitive and easy-on-the-eye interface that’ll make using theBold 9700 better than ever. Plus the physical QWERTY is a much-needed alternative for those who still aren’t feeling the touchscreen love.


10 Samsung Wave

samsung wave large

No Android here, just Samsung’s own bada OS. That said, if you love apps and want a phone with an astonishing screen, the Wave is up there with the best. Cracking deals and great looks make this one for those who want the basics and can’t be faffed with keeping up with the smartphone battles that are currently raging.


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