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Windows Phone 7 smartphone plans leaked

Windows Phone 7 smartphone plans leaked

Leaked documents have apparently confirmed that the first smarpthone based on the new Windows Phone 7 platform will be called the HTC Mozart and may be on sale by October 2010.

Australian network provider Telstra had one of its release schedule maps leaked online, resulting in widespread speculation that the HTC Mozart is probably going to bring Windows Phone 7 out of its development status and onto the global marketplace for the first time.

The document shows what appears to be an edited picture of an HTC Desire with a Windows Phone 7 screenshot pasted on top, but this slightly dubious image is not deterring enthusiastic observers from hailing this leak as the real deal.

Microsoft had been touting the possibility of a fourth quarter launch for Windows Phone 7 and this October rumour falls right into the beginning of this period, according to XDA Developers Forum.

With no official information available and only this spurious leak to hand, it is difficult to say with any certainty whether Windows Phone 7 could arrive as early as is currently predicted.

However, there is always a chance that deadlines will be met and HTC will introduce Windows Phone 7 to the world with the Mozart.

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