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4G spectrum sale expected in 2011

4G spectrum sale expected in 2011

UK network providers are likely to be involved in a bidding war in staking their claim portions of the 4G mobile spectrum at some point in 2011, heralding the dawn of faster mobile connectivity.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has announced this plan after its secretary Ed Vaizey outlined the next steps in response to a question posed by a Conservative MP.

Before Parliament begins its summer recess there will be a decision made as to the way in which the 4G spectrum will be auctioned, according to Mr Vaizey.

If the auction does take place in 2011 it will be three years later than originally planned under the Labour government, which had scheduled a 2008 deadline which has long since been and gone.

There are already networks working with gateway mobile networking technologies such as LTE, although true 4G connectivity could be a long way off if the allocation of the spectrum and the development of the necessary infrastructure is further delayed.

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