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  5. Android 2.2 uptake figures released

Android 2.2 uptake figures released

Android 2.2 uptake figures released

Since Android 2.2 was launched, it has become the operating system of choice for 1.8 per cent of all Android users, according to the latest analysis published by Google.

Google bases its findings on the data accumulated via the Android Market and it releases up to date information every fortnight to show how the Android versions are performing.

Android 2.1 is still the platform of choice, holding sway over 53.1 per cent of Android smartphones and since Android 2.2 has only recently arrived its 1.8 per cent stake is not to be dismissed.

Android 1.5 and 1.6 are still holding on to a sizeable portion of the market, with 44.8 per cent between them, but the figures are showing that these ageing alternatives are finally being replaced with newer additions to the Android line up.

Android 1.6 is still arriving on brand new smartphones, with Sony Ericsson pushing its Xperia X10 range, including the recently launched Mini and Mini Pro variants, with a version that is starting to look a little long in the tooth.

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