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Android 3.0 snaps leak online

Android 3.0 snaps leak online

Android 3.0, AKA Gingerbread is still a glint on the horizon, but leaked images suggest Google is already working on a primary build of the new platform.

Pictures published online appear to show a Nexus One smartphone with Android 3.0, which promises to be the most significant overhaul of the operating system so far, installed and running.

Google had initially said that it might bring Android 3.0 to the market before the end of 2010, but with Android 2.2 still stuck on the Nexus One this has been looking less likely by the day.

However, the photos, which were acquired by Phandroid suggest that Android 3.0 Gingerbread is on track for its original launch schedule.

Google has been producing new versions of Android at a rate that few of its manufacturing partners can match and even key supporters like HTC have been slow in launching Android 2.2 updates.

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