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  5. Android phones get new Shazam apps

Android phones get new Shazam apps

Android phones get new Shazam apps

Shazam, the mobile service that lets you discover the origins of music from any source, has just launched two new applications for the Android platform.

Shazam Freemium is identical in many ways to the original app, but its free status means that users can only make use of the tagging function five times in a given month.

Shazam Encore is the second app and it will set you back £2.99 from the Android Market. It comes with unlimited tagging and unlimited recommendations for the user to harness.

If you live in the US, the Encore edition will combine with Pandora to generate you a music streaming playlist that is in-sync with the kind of songs you have discovered using the service, but sadly this is not currently compatible in the same way for UK users.

Andrew Fisher of Shazam said: "Music discovery is and always will be, at the heart of Shazam. Consumers want to find as much information about a song or artist as possible and they want it fast.

"Whether they now opt for our freemium or paid-for service, that is exactly what our Android customers can rely on from us – a fast and easy way to discover, buy and share music in more ways than ever before."

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