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  5. Apple halts sale of iPhone 4 bumpers

Apple halts sale of iPhone 4 bumpers

Apple halts sale of iPhone 4 bumpers

The bumper case which solves the iPhone 4's much publicised antenna issues has been pulled from Apple's online store, with its listing officially announcing that it is unavailable.

Interestingly, the price of the bumper has been reduced to zero, which suggests that Apple is getting ready to deflect a boom in demand for the product which it recently announced it would be giving away free to any iPhone 4 users that request it.

Apple founder Steve Jobs told the press last week that the iPhone 4 antenna issues were acknowledged as real by his firm and in order to restore customer trust it would be providing either a bumper or a full case to those suffering from signal drop-out.

There are already three million iPhone 4 owners in the world and Mr Jobs has confirmed that supplies are not large enough to ensure everyone got a free bumper.

However, he said that Apple would be working with its suppliers to meet demand and this latest web store alteration is perhaps the first sign that this is occurring.

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