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  5. Apple 'knew of iPhone 4 antenna problems'

Apple 'knew of iPhone 4 antenna problems'

Apple 'knew of iPhone 4 antenna problems'

Steve Jobs and the senior management team at Apple were aware of the potential issues with the iPhone 4's antenna but decided to release it anyway, it has been claimed.

Whilst the firm itself has yet to confirm or deny these rumours, the New York Daily News has suggested that antenna engineers within Apple had highlighted potential reception problems.

With substantial research and development investment and a widely anticipated launch date, it is easy to understand the pressure under which Apple senior executives must have been working prior to launch.

Brand loyalty and the visual and functional appeal were believed to be sufficient to ensure significant sales volumes; a supposition supported by the figures.

A media frenzy surrounding the release of the iPhone 4 and the reception issues subsequently discovered by those holding the mobile phone in the so-called "death grip" ensued.

Apple had initially attributed the reception issues to a software problem with some suggesting that a fix may be released. However, suggestions over the past couple of days have indicated a potential hardware issue, with some industry analysts believing a product recall to be the only solution.

Apple has scheduled a news conference, the details of which are currently a closely guarded secret. Whilst some have jokingly suggested that a hardware fix in the form of a rubber band to protect the phone's perimeter antenna may be announced, it is clear that some form of direction is needed.

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