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Camera capabilities of Nokia N8 explored

Camera capabilities of Nokia N8 explored

The 12 megapixel camera sported by the Nokia N8 is the centrepiece of the phone's features and now the driving force behind this element of the phone has shed some light on its abilities.

Damian Dinning gave an in-depth interview on the Nokia Conversations blog, explaining the reason for the lack of a dedicated lens cover for the N8, amongst other things.

This omission is apparently due to the limitations that a lens cover would place on other components, such as the loudspeaker and flash.

Mr Dinning said that to compensate for the lack of lens cover, the glass of the lens itself is coated in a scratch-resistant layer and is strengthened by having multiple glass layers.

Some had questioned Nokia's choice of a 12 megapixel image sensor when a 10 megapixel alternative might have seemed to be a more sensible option, but Dinning was ready with a reason.

He said: "With the N8, we didn't want to go backwards from the N86 8MP, only forwards [I'm referring to performance rather than megapixels], but we also need to be competitive in the industry.

"For these reasons, we concluded the only way forward was to do this properly and that meant using the biggest sensor ever in a mobile."

Both the sensor and the pixels are unique in being the largest currently available on-board a smartphone, which means that digital interference in low light should be much less of a worry than with other mobiles.

The shutter integrated into the N8 is also an important asset, as it is mechanical rather than digital, resulting in reduced image distortion as a result of lens shake.

It is clear that the Nokia N8 will offer one of the best cameras of any smartphone, although whether this will be enough to guarantee it success is another matter.

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