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  5. Glitzy iPhone 4 special edition created

Glitzy iPhone 4 special edition created

Glitzy iPhone 4 special edition created

Just weeks after the iPhone 4 launched, the first obscenely opulent version of Apple's new smartphone has arrived, complete with a jewel-encrusted exterior.

The iPhone 4 Diamond Edition has been created by designer Stuart Hughes, which means that it comes from the same stable as many other indulgent, gold-coated gadgets, including previous generation iPhones and the iPad.

The iPhone 4 Diamond Edition is available in white, which to many will be more important than its sparkling gems, because the standard mainstream version of the iPhone has not yet been made available in this colour.

If you have £13,000 burning a hole in your pocket then perhaps this excessive smartphone will appeal, although most will struggle to justify the purchase of this ultimate status symbol.

Steven Hughes is building just 50 of the iPhone 4 Diamond Edition smartphones, so its owners will become part of a very exclusive club. Crowing the diamonds is a platinum Apple logo, with the total carat count adding up to 6.5.

The vulgarity-meter is sure to be pushed into overdrive when you learn that the phone is delivered in a "luxurious hand finished wallet made from real Ostrich foot:.

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