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  5. Google to secure Android app market

Google to secure Android app market

Google to secure Android app market

Unauthorised usage of Android apps has been a significant complaint for developers since the platform's inception, but that looks to have been resolved with the news that Google is making apps less vulnerable to exploitation.

Google's Eric Chu has announced that a licensing system is to be introduced for the Android Market to improve security.

Writing in a blog post, he stated: "This simple and free service provides a secure mechanism to manage access to all Android Market paid applications targeting Android 1.5 or higher.

"At run time, with the inclusion of a set of libraries provided by us, your application can query the Android Market licensing server to determine the license status of your users."

The licensing system can determine whether or not a user is legitimately accessing a particular app based on the record of sales which Google retains.

Mr Chu added: "This licensing service operating real time over the network provides more flexibility in choosing license-enforcement strategies and a more secure approach in protecting your applications from unauthorized use, than copy protection."

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