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HTC HD2 hacked to run Android

HTC HD2 hacked to run Android

Video proof that the Windows Mobile-based HTC HD2 can run Android has appeared online.

Check out HTC HD2 running Android for yourself in the clips below

Two YouTube users and software modders showcased their latest efforts on the video sharing site, with the first premiering some decidedly shaky video of an HTC HD2 smartphone running Android complete with full capacitive touchscreen compatibility.

The second video shows a slightly less polished version of Android running on an HD2 and is accompanied by the interesting addition of a hacked version of Ubuntu, a derivative of the Linux platform upon which Android itself is based, also booting on the HD2.

There had been rumours that HTC was going to relaunch the HD2 with an official version of Android, overlaid with its custom Sense interface at some point, but these have proved to be unfounded.

However, if you are into serious smartphone software manipulation and you own a HTC HD2, these two videos conclusively prove that Android could one day preside over your mobile.

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