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iPhone 4 ads promote FaceTime

iPhone 4 ads promote FaceTime

The FaceTime video calling service offered by the iPhone 4 is being sold to mainstream consumers via a series of TV ads designed to get the emotional juices flowing.

See Apple's iPhone 4 TV spots in full below

Video calling capabilities have been integrated into mobiles for many years, but thus far the public has failed to show much interest. This could change if the iPhone 4 is able to overcome the gimmicky status of the technology and make it seem like a normal activity.

The ads deal with brief situations that are loaded with differing degrees of emotion, from showing off a haircut to beaming images of a newborn baby to a distant dad.

On paper this sounds fairly cheesy, but the ads are actually handled well enough to make them powerful and meaningful in less than 30 seconds.

These ads are no guarantee that FaceTime and video calling on other mobiles will take off, but addressing a broad audience with fairly universal themes has helped Apple in the past.

The iPhone 4 could well be the smartphone to bring face to face chatting into the mainstream.

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