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iPhone gets speech-to-text app

iPhone gets speech-to-text app

The touchscreen QWERTY keypad may no longer be a favourite amongst iPhone users thanks to a new app that takes dictation and creates on-screen text.

The free to download Dragon Dictation app not only recognises sentences but also accepts punctuation without any finger involvement whatsoever.

Developer Dragon's parent firm Nuance claims that its software is top of the line and does not tax the iPhone's hardware. Instead it uses the network connection to transmit data to and from its extensive remote centres which can drastically improve the accuracy of messages.

Errors are indicated by the user through a single tap on the iPhone's screen and you can choose alternatives from a drop box.

However, those who speak with colloquial dialects and accents might find that the software has trouble with their dictation and users will need to be in an area with good 3G coverage in order to make the app work to the best of its abilities.

Nuance now plans to bring voice searching to the iPhone, offering the same level of functionality as that afforded to Android users via Google's native software.

In the US, the launch was greeted with considerable user interest and it quickly shot into the most downloaded charts, with its UK success predicted to be equally assured.

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