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iPhone 4 goes on sale on T-Mobile

iPhone 4 goes on sale on T-Mobile

T-Mobile has unveiled iPhone 4 deals, a month after the latest Apple smartphone launched in the UK.

The carrier is offering the handset on a range of contract options. The cheapest monthly tariff for the 16GB edition of the phone is priced £25 per month, with a £259 one-off charge for the handset.

This entitles takers to 100 call minutes, 100 text messages and 500Mb of web use per month.

Those who want the 16GB iPhone 4 for free will pay £60 per month, giving users a monthly allowance of 3,000 free minutes, 500 text messages and a 1GB data download limit.

The cheapest monthly tariff for the 32GB iPhone 4 is also £25, with a charge of £349. Allowances are the same as the 16GB offer. The higher-end edition of phone is not free on any contract options.

Lysa Hardy, vice president of T-Mobile Propositions, said: "Bringing the iPhone 4 to our customers in the UK is a fantastic move for T-Mobile.

“With a range of value plans, we're making iPhone 4 more accessible to more customers in the UK."

The iPhone 4 is now on sale on almost every major UK network, with T-Mobile joining 3, Orange, Vodafone and O2 in offering the handset.

Earlier this week, O2 surprised industry watchers when announced it had experienced a surge in sales since its exclusivity deal to sell Apple phones ended last year.

The newest iPhone iteration differs from its immediate predecessor the 3GS with the inclusion of a super high density display, HD video recording and a new robust design.

Video calling over WiFi connections is also onboard via the FaceTime app as is a powerful 1Ghz processor to allow owners to use multiple apps simultaneously.

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