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iPhone iOS 4 update jailbroken

iPhone iOS 4 update jailbroken

A few hours after iOS 4 version 4.0.1 was launched by Apple to help solve the iPhone 4's antenna issues, hackers had already prepared a version for jailbroken iPhone users.

It is believed that the iPhone Dev Team, which is the group behind the jailbreaking process, didn't need long to work on the latest iOS update because Apple had actually changed just one or two tiny aspects of the platform.

The main alteration to iOS 4 as a result of the update is to the displayed signal strength bars, which Apple is presumably hoping will give the impression of better signal without actually fixing the reception issues.

Independent sources from around the world have criticised Apple for the update, which they claim has actually failed to act as a solution to the problems.

Apple has said that it will issue free bumpers which solve the problem to any of the thousands of complainants, but the firm still appears to be in hot water as its latest smartphone cannot fulfil one of its primary functions when held in a fairly natural manner.

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