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  5. iPhone jailbreakers targeted by malware

iPhone jailbreakers targeted by malware

iPhone jailbreakers targeted by malware

Cybercriminals are targeting iPhone users looking for a quick and easy way to jailbreak their handset, it has been reported.

A flood of iPhone owners are expected to attempt to jailbreak their smartphones in the wake of this week's landmark US ruling that legalised hacking high-end handsets.

However, spammers and phishing sites are using the promise of iPhone jailbreaking to get users to download software that will infect their computers and steal their data.

One phony mail, which is part of a sustained campaign, stated: "Our software is compatible with all firmwares (including the latest version) and will unlock 3G, 3GS, & 2G iPhone models within just a few minutes.

"You can download the iPhone unlocking software from here: www.unlock[CENSORED]/iphone3gs-3g.exe."

The software that the users end up downloading acts as a keylogger, allowing the sender to receive log-in details from a number of different sources, including webmail services like Hotmail, which can then be harnessed to launch further campaigns.

Commenting on developments, security firm BitDefender stated: "In order to stay safe, never open suspicious links or attachments without scanning them first.

"Install and update a complete antimalware software solution."

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act was used by the judiciary in the US to prove that jailbreaking an iPhone to install third party software not approved by Apple is perfectly legal under its fair use regulations.

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