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  5. Nokia involve police over leaked N8

Nokia involve police over leaked N8

Nokia involve police over leaked N8

A Nokia N8 which ended up in the hands of a journalist long before the official launch has incensed the Finnish mobile manufacturer to the point that it has called on the Russian police force for aid.

Russian journalist Eldar Murtazin was allegedly contacted by Nokia after he came across a pre-release version of the upcoming N8 smartphone, although he has apparently failed to return the mobile to its rightful owners.

Mr Murtazin previewed the N8 a few months ago and criticised many aspects of Nokia's next flagship smartphone. Since then he has held onto the preview version, consequently angering Nokia.

A blog post on Nokia's official site stated: "We have asked Murtazin for the return of all Nokia property in his possession. As he has declined to reply, we asked the Russian authorities to assist us.

"We leave it to the Russian authorities to determine the most appropriate course of action."

Responding to the controversy, Mr Murtazin refuted accusations of any wrongdoing and claimed that Nokia is only seeking the return of the phone because he criticised it in his preview.

He said: "Nokia says there has been a trade secret infringement, but we have never signed any non-disclosure agreements with them and Nokia knows that very well."

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